Question: What is the safety feature in the system as we may unknown sometime ?
Answer: The system has incorporated with referral code system through which each and every individual is referred by existing user more over system also verifying his or her mobile no verification and Government Id Verification. And now days most of them are on facebook . check their status prior to rush with them.

Question: What is the safety rules ?
Answer: Car owners: Safety rules for car owners are exactly the same as in any other circumstances. A vehicle must be in order, with a valid comprehensive insurance policy which covers liabilities to occupants of the car, PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate, seatbelts must be secure, the tyre pressure must be checked along with the level of oil, water, brake wear and tear, functioning of the lights etc. All the traffic rules must be followed at all times. You should take a break at least every two hours. Do not drink and drive or use your phone whilst behind the steering wheel, etc.
Co-travellers: As a co-traveller, basic safety rules also apply. For example: do not get in a vehicle that appears badly kept, has no seatbelts or if the driver appears to be inebriated. We advise you to always consult the ratings posted about a car owner in order to ensure that they are trustworthy.

Question: Will car sharing affect my insurance or taxes ?
Answer: Using MyShareCar will not affect your car insurance.
The manner of operation of the private vehicle for carpooling as proposed by MyShareCar is not for hire or reward and is without any motive for profit. Therefore the trip offered by the car owner will not affect the insurance policy obtained by such car owner. According to Section 146 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 (MVA), all car owners need to mandatorily obtain an insurance policy which is compliant with the MVA. Section 147 of the MVA specifies that the an insurance policy must insure a car owner against any liability incurred by him in respect of death of , or injury to any person arising out of the use of a vehicle.
MyShareCar recommends that all the car owners have in force, a Comprehensive Insurance Policy which covers the risk of the occupants of the car to the extent of the liability incurred by the car owner.
MyShareCar limits number of seats and prices, scrupulously fulfilling the above requirement regarding profit: car owners’ costs are only offset and no profit can be made. Car owners with any concern are also encouraged to check directly with their car insurer, as terms and conditions of individual car insurance providers may vary over time.

Question: MyShareCar was for Sales professionals only, then why taking Other User Type into the system ?
Answer: Yes,MyShareCar I still dedicated to sales professional but at the same time if we can take Others to increase the chances for getting vehicle every time and everywhere as there are more vehicle on the road in Other Category compare to SalesCar, then what is the harm. And that too they have to follow the safety system of MyShareCar. MyShareCar is a win win System for both the category.

Question: Why it is Cash Less ?
Answer: As both parties ( Wv or Wo ) are well educated and professionals ,they are not either professional Driver or General Passengers. It is all about mutual understanding. Asking about the money from Car Owner at the end of the ride may seem embraced to him. Moreover of it India Is heading towards cashless economy by doing this we also can support the Government system.

Question: Why should I verify my Govt. ID?
Answer: The MyShareCar community is built on trust. In order to build a reliable and trustworthy community, we have a number of ways for members to verify their profiles, include Facebook Connect, email verification and phone verification.
To add an extra layer of trust to MyShareCar profiles, and following feedback from our members, we introduced Govt. ID verification. By verifying your ID, you’ll boost ypur profile and increase your chances of other members choosing to travel with you. You can verify either your Indian Aadhaar card, Voter Card or DL( Driving license).
Your Govt. ID will be verified by our third-party service provider or internal customer care and will not be shared with anyone else. Neither will it be visible to other people visiting your MyShareCar profile. Other members will only see the label "Govt. ID verified’’ displayed on your profile.

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